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Presented here are extensively detailed new Critical Museology Miscellanea blog resources in ‘podcast’ format. Included are the following subject categories: Archaeology Excavation Simulation, Heritage Building Adaptive Re-Use for Museums, Miscellaneous Museum Matters, Museum Exhibitions, Museum Worker Task Saturation & Burnout.

Figure 1. The above image is the first PowerPoint slide from one of the several webinar presentations introduced in this post.

Your blogger, Paul C. Thistle, has created a variety of recorded PowerPoint presentations in recent years. Some of them were ‘taped’ by the event organisers. One was posted here previously on July 20, 2021 under the title “Maskwacis Cultural College Microlearning Presentation on Museum Exhibit Reconcili-ACTION on Residential Schools.”

Given the growing popularity of podcasts in recent years, it occurred to me that the presentations recorded for purposes such as delivery of remote talks & museum conference session archiving fit into this new form of broadcasting. I feel that my recorded presentations can be classified in the same way as ‘podcasts’.

This has stimulated me to add narrations to a couple PowerPoint lectures offered in the past that were not recorded, but I always had intended to add my spoken commentaries & post them on-line. In one case, given my personal task saturation & time poverty, it has taken me 10 years to get around to the rather easy process of adding narrations to PowerPoint files. I still have one more from 2015 to add as time permits  & another conference presentation on an archival issue ignored to date is scheduled for later this month. Both with appear here on this blog site.

All this to say that I have added a new “Paul’s Podcasts” page to this blog that links to 8 conference & other instructional session recordings. The presentation titles, venues, & dates are listed below. Each file is linked on the “Paul’s Podcasts” page accessed from the top ribbon on this blog.

These resources have been categorised as follows:

  • Archaeology Excavation Simulation
  • Heritage Building Adaptive Re-Use for Museums
  • Miscellaneous Museum Matters
  • Museum Exhibitions
  • Museum Worker Task Saturation & Burnout.

The following titles are listed in reverse chronological order.


“Museum Worker Burnout: More than ‘Self-Care’ for Survival” a Museums Association of Saskatchewan Community Chat presented virtually on 2 February 2022.


“Museum Exhibit Reconcili-ACTION on Residential Schools” webinar presented virtually & recorded for the Indigenous Maskwacis Cultural College Microlearning series under the auspices of the Four Nations of Maskwacis in Alberta, Canada, originally broadcast on 14 July 2021.


“Excavation Simulation Activity: Realistic Archaeological Practice” presented virtually to the Ontario Archaeology Society Symposium in the GLAM sector session on 7 November 2020.


“Adaptive Reuse Project to House The Sam Waller Museum, 1984 – 1995” presented in absentia as a narrated PowerPoint at The Sam Waller Museum, The Pas, MB, 1 July 2017 to mark the centennial of the Manitoba Provincial Historic Site known as The Pas Community Building & Courthouse, constructed in 1916-1917.


“Museum Worker Overload & the Ethics of Exploitation” PowerPoint panel session contribution presented at the Canadian Museums Association Annual Conference in Toronto, ON, 9 April 2014.

“Time Balance Solutions: The Role of Museum Organisations in Unsatisfactory Quality of Work Life, Time Poverty, & Stress” presented in absentia as a narrated PowerPoint at the American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, 21 May 2014.


“Teacher & Lay Missionary Sam Waller & His Museum Venture” presented at the Gateways North Northern Manitoba Centennial Symposium, University College of the North in The Pas, MB, 3 May 2012.


“Archaeological Excavation Simulation: Shift the Emphasis Back to Reality” recorded during the Ignite! session at the Ontario Museum Association Annual Conference in Waterloo, ON, 3 November 2011.

All of the above ‘podcasts’ are linked on the “Paul’s Podcast” page accessed on the ribbon at the top of this page or at .

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